translated from Spanish: Sebastian Piñera and FACh sinister aircraft: «Let’s exhaust all means of search»

After hours of searching plane C-130 Hercules of the Chilean Air Force, with 38 passengers, which about 01 hours on Tuesday the representative communicated through a video conference between President Sebastián Piñera, the Minister of Defense, A Iberto Espina, and the commander-in-chief of the Fach.The representative stated that «they have all the support of the Government and all the Chileans in this difficult work and difficult circumstances that we are facing. And what I want to ask you in the first place is that we exhaust all means of search, to make every effort to find the plane and hopefully also survivors.»» For this we have deployed all the resources that the Air Force, the Chilean Navy have and we have had the help of friendly countries,» he added. He also said that the President of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro and his par Alberto Fernández of Argentina «offered all the help that is necessary.» Let us start with full transparency and with total diligence the investigations to find out what was the cause of this accident,» piñera.It should be noted that within these hours the prosecutor of Magellan, Eugenio Campos, detailed having met with the prosecutor of who maintains «permanent coordination» and valued the FACh’s «collaboration in the diligence». He also detailed that at the moment there is only one investigation by the Public Prosecutor’s Office» that focuses on the 38 people on board.» we cannot claim or dismiss anything, but the prudence indicates at this time we are directed to the location of the ship and its passengers, as alleged misfortunes,» he concluded.

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