translated from Spanish: The “needs of the company” have not been stopped: more than 140 thousand dismissals are recorded for the social outburst

The Government took a new look at the redundancies that have been recorded in the country since 18 October. Figures updated until 20 December show that layoffs for “company needs” have not stopped.
“Only in the first three weeks of December we already exceed the number of layoffs for the needs of the company in November. Thus, in December there are already 65,577 redundancies, compared to 62,000 in all of November. In addition, this figure is well above the 41,555 layoffs of December last year,” said undersecretary of Labor, Fernando Arab.
“The greatest number of disengagements for this causality is in the Metropolitan Region, which practically doubled the dismissals for the needs of the company compared to last year. Thus, in December 2018 there were 24,819 redundancies, compared to the 50,473 that we already carried in December of this year,” he added.
In this sense, they said that the disengagements during the first 20 days of December exceed those of the whole month of November: 50,473 versus 39,858.
In this regard, the owner of Work, María José Zaldívar, argued that “we see with concern as in December the trend of the greatest number of redundancies for needs of the company has continued in relation to a normal average month”.
Breaking down the figures, from 18 October to 20 December, a total of 140,371 redundancies have been recorded for Article 161(1) (“company need”). However, the total number of contract terms that have been formalized in the country in the same period amounts to 503,950. So “company need” disengagements account for 27.8% of the total.
In regions, the Biobío leads layoffs with 33,720, of which 5,777 are for “company needs”. Valparaiso followed, with 32,148 in the same period, where 8,175 were justified by invoking Article 161(1).
On the other hand, the least affected regions are Aysén (444 layoffs), Arica and Parinacota (698) Magellan and Chilean Antarctica (877), Uble (1,041) and Los Ríos (1,284),

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