translated from Spanish: They find the youngest missing in the closet of alleged depraved

Germany.- A minor missing 2 years ago was located in the closet of a man’s house suspected of distributing child pornography, in the German city of Recklinhhausen.La local police found the teenager, who is currently 15 years old, inside the closet of the individual’s department identified as Lars H., aka «Mike,» 44.

The property was searched because there was a man suspected of distributing child pornography. The authorities did not disclose the child’s name for legal reasons. According to the Bild environment, the police found the teenager inside the property in deplorable conditions, because inside it smelled of urine and there was a lot of rubbish. Officers packed several devices in boxes for evidence against the suspect, who was arrested along with another elderly subject, presumably his father, who was also at home. A judge on Saturday issued an arrest warrant against Lars H., while the older adult was released. A police spokesman noted that so far there is no indication that the child has been held by force.
There is currently no indication that the child has been held in the apartment against his will,» he said.

However, the teenager was just 13 years old when his disappearance was reported. Authorities are investigating whether at the time of his disappearing he was at the detainee’s home.

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