translated from Spanish: Boeing capsule returns to Earth after failed mission

CAÑAVERAL CABO, Florida, USA (AP) — Boeing grounded its space capsule in the New Mexico desert on Sunday after an aborted flight to the International Space Station that jeopardizes its efforts to transport astronauts to NASA the year Next. The Starliner descended on the White Sands military missile camp before dawn, after a demonstration that was due to last more than a week. The three main parachutes opened at the same time as the airbags were inflated to reduce the impact.

«Congratulations, Starliner,» Mission Control said, considering that the descent had been successful. A doll named Rosie occupied the commander’s seat. With it they returned Christmas gifts, clothes and food to be delivered to the space station crew. After the interruption of the first test flight and the cancellation of the docking on the space station due to the failure of a clock in the capsule, Boeing employees reacted with relief to the return of the Starliner.The first space voyage of the capsule began with a successful launch from Cape Canaveral on Friday. But after half an hour, he didn’t light his rocket boosters to chase the space station and ended up in the wrong orbit.

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