translated from Spanish: The order party goes out to criticize the accusation against Chadwick: «It was a mistake»

DC Senator Jorge Pizarro was critical of the constitutional indictment that ended with former Interior Minister Andrés Chadwick disenqualified from holding public office for five years.
The expression of the phalanx (2015 and 2016) said that there was no doubt that the libel was political. «It seems to me that the risk that these kinds of accusations have is that they can be endless. I’ve heard now that you’re preparing one against the mayor. And why not against the minister equis? If that becomes a tool to do politics from the opposition, without having clear objectives, I find it extraordinarily dangerous,» Pizarro said in an interview with La Tercera.
Besides, the senator said he didn’t agree with the inability. «I’ve never agreed with that inability. I don’t think it’s fair,» she said.
Today, in his words was added one of the most influential figures in the former Concertación, Genaro Arriagada, the historical d.C. militant said that Parliament is another edge of the crisis and that it is «making a very serious set of mistakes.»
«It is not possible that in 15 days we will have one accusation against the former Minister of the Interior, another against the President of the Republic, the promise of another against the mayor of Santiago and three appeals to ministers in March. It shows a Parliament which is unaware of its real situation; Today the Chamber of Deputies is the institution that enjoys the least prestige in the state, the Senate has one-tenth more,» he told El Mercurio.
Arriagada ruled that the accusation against Chadwick was a mistake and that the accusation against Piñera was the most serious in 56 years; «however, at 48 hours she is buried because it is the accusation of a House with 10% endorsement against a President with 12%,» he fused.
For the former minister of President Eduardo Frei Ruiz-Tagle the loss of Republican dignity, insults, banners, funas, disqualifications, real bars in the stands are very bad, «but worse is to have become irrelevant».
Genaro also opposed the violence recorded in the protests. He claims that there is no democracy without order, «it’s an old lesson.»
«It is totally wrong who believes that he will win votes with the destruction of the Plaza de Italia, is pushing tens of thousands of people to the right in search of order. Just read the story,» he added.
Arriagada concluded by noting that the «phenomenon» takes only 70 days. «I have the impression that the right is growing in the centa electorate,» he concluded.

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