translated from Spanish: Supporters of the «Rejection» made caravan during quarantine in Santiago: Carabineros denies having escorted them

With flags of Chile and the «Rejection» to a new Constitution, in addition to the face of Sebastián Izquierdo, a group of motorists made a caravan, during quarantine in Santiago, and moved – during this morning – from Plaza Italia to the vicinity of La Moneda.
In the images, shared through social networks, at least a dozen vehicles are seen demonstrating even in the presence of carabinieri.
Deputy Giorgio Jackson (RD) questioned on Twitter that, in a constitutional state of emergency and with a valid health quarantine, «what permits were carried by those who organized and attended a demonstration today, escorted by Carabineros? Can you give us an answer from Intendencia or Carabineros?»
In question was joined by Deputy (PS) Maya Fernández, who shared a video of the caravan. «Who authorized it?» The parliamentarian wondered.

Asked by the demonstration, Lt. Col. César Tapia, deputy prefect of the services of the Santiago Central Prefecture, explained to CNN Chile that it became known that a group of vehicles was moving from east to west along the Alameda line. For this reason, the policeman said, «in this artery and near Morandé Street, the monitoring of these vehicles was arranged.»
«In view of that, two traffic violations were carried out and a road vehicle was removed. All people, in the respective vehicles, kept their travel permits,» he added.
Consulted by the alleged escort carried out by carabinieri, sub-prefect Tapia noted that checks were carried out, even on the journey of these vehicles. «If in any photograph, or if someone could mistakenly appreciate that a group of people were being escorted, that dereciated it sharply,» he said.

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