translated from Spanish: A comfortable workflow? Of course it’s necessary!

If they’re not easy and comfortable to use, common tools in businesses, offices, and businesses become a headache rather than serving as partners. Let’s imagine a scenario where the printer locks, an application doesn’t connect and the internet is slow. Of course, Hardware And Software ineffective leads to frustration and, in many cases, cause employees to simply become despairing and therefore do their job wrong.
Of course, a job that is done is the last thing companies want. On the contrary, what is required is that corporations take advantage of the new digital economy, but to do so, their collaborators must have computer equipment and supports at the height of the time.

When employees have the right tools to make their workflow agile and comfortable, they do their work in a more optimal, dynamic and intelligent way. Having optimal user experiences also enables seamless collaboration with co-workers and strategic partners, including the ability to effortlessly share the documents needed to make timely decisions.
As can be inferred, if you do not have an intuitive, consistent and desirable user environment in the workplace, the loss of business objectives could be unavoidable.
In this regard, experts warn that poorly designed applications and lack of training in general cause many employees to be unmotivated and not wanting to drive the innovation and growth required by successful companies.
A forrester Consulting study, titled “Digital, Disparate and Disengaged,” found that only 26 percent of information workers say their companies provide them with the tools they need to collaborate effectively. In addition, he found that keeping all participants engaged is a common problem, and that remote workers are even more susceptible to feeling disconnected.
In the face of this, experts from Japanese company Kyocera, a global leader in document management and printing, recommend that organizations improve the user experience to enable the innovative and collaborative environment. But what should an optimal user experience look like? How is it achieved? Here are some special considerations.
Discover the problems. The best way to give users the experience they want is to discover problems through workflow analysis. A well-structured review will find areas of opportunity and serve as a basis for investment.
Easy workflow. All tools, so be the most powerful, are meaningless if the interface is too complex or requires too many steps for employees to perform the necessary tasks. Therefore, it is essential that the user experience is distinguished by its ease of functioning.
Focus on integration. When a solution includes tool groups or business systems, processes are streamlined in employees’ daily activities, allowing them to realign efforts to business goals such as innovation. The key to success here is finding solutions that focus on integration. For example, work documents should use technology that allows file sharing across a variety of platforms.
As a comprehensive provider of document solutions, Kyocera offers a broad portfolio of services to streamline results management. In addition, it has strategies and methodologies that enable organizations to continuously manage, optimize, and reduce document costs while converting complex file and data workflows into simple, efficient processes.
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