translated from Spanish: Affected part of the Merced will be demolished for structural damage

Claudia Sheinbaum, head of government in Mexico City, announced this morning in a meeting with la Merced Market announcers that the part of the property that suffered a fire on December 24, that is, from gate 9 to 15, suffered significant structural damage, so it will be demolished. 
«Once the results of the structural safety opinion have been completed, we conclude that the building poses a high risk of collapse and that, at any time, it can collapse. Therefore, we believe that the ship’s reconstruction program should be demolished and initiated,» Sheinbaum said at a meeting with the affected merchants, which took place in the auditorium of the House of Culture of mayor venusian Carranza.  
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«The damage is greater,» the representative insisted. There can be no rehabilitation (of the property) because according to the study that was done it is put at risk to the lators. The columns and roof slab are badly damaged, and would be very risky for the locals and the viewers of the Market. It has to be demolished and rebuilt.» 
Last Thursday, Political Animal published that the logmen affected by the fire warned that they would not leave the market for fear of losing their workspaces, as happened to traders who were relocated after another fire in 2013. 
«Say what the security opinion says, we’re not moving from here,» said several of the storytakers interviewed, which you can read here. 
However, Sheinbaum assured today that, unlike seven years ago, this time they will seek a prompt reconstruction of the affected area and pledged that the works would be ready for the same year, as long as the locators agree to be relocated and vacate the area as quickly as possible. 
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As the works conclude, the representative offered the locals to be temporarily relocated to the north parking lot of the market, so that they could continue to sell their products there. 
«Tell the locals that they will receive all the support. It’s not going to happen like the other time it’s been seven years to rebuild. This is going to be right away,» said the chief of capital, who also said that unemployment insurance of 2,500 pesos per month will be granted to those affected. 
The Mercado de La Merced suffered a heavy fire last Christmas Eve, which left two people dead and significant economic damage for more than 800 locals who lost their workspaces and all the merchandise. 
The cause of the accident was due to a short circuit, the city’s Office initially pointed out, and today the chief of the capital corroborated that version, noting that it was «by overheating» of the power line. 
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The day after the accident, the merchants organized to prevent the sinister zone from being cordoned off by Civil Protection and evicted, and began debris removal and cleaning efforts so that they could restart work as quickly as possible. 
«If they take us out of the market, what are we going to live on? And our families, Ricardo Puga, one of the victims, questioned last Tuesday. 
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