translated from Spanish: Don’t give up: Piñera promotes Chadwick to lead Chile’s constitutional proposals Let’s go

Despite his convulsive departure from La Moneda and the constitutional accusation that was passed against him, the former Minister of the Interior, Andrés Chadwick again appears on the horizon of President Sebasty Piñera, who during this week, informed his cabinet and official leaders that he asked his former right hand to lead the group in charge of gathering proposals or reforms to the Constitution that Chile Vamos plan to implement.
According to information from The Third, some sources in the Government Palace indicated that last week the head of state would have personally requested this task from Chadwick, whose new work would be to make a «consensus» around the proposals ranging from the official isblock, and working alongside a team of constitutionalist lawyers to analyze the points.
It should be remembered that Chadwick left the Home Office on 28 October following the State of Emergency decree in the country following the triggering of the social outburst. Subsequently, on December 11, the Senate would pass the constitutional charge against the President’s cousin, which made him unable to hold public office for five years.

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