translated from Spanish: Persecutor of Caval Marcia Allendes case claims that prosecutor Arias «tried to save Compagnon»

Prosecutor Marcia Allendes spoke of the pressure she received from O’Higgins’ former regional prosecutor, Emiliano Arias, noting that the intention of the suspended regional chief was to remove the national prosecutor, Jorge Ab bott, to keep the charge and also tried to save Natalia Compagnon in the Caval case.
According to El Mercurio, Allendes made numerous complaints against Arias. One of them was that he left her alone in the preparation of the caval oral trial. «He’s the first regional prosecutor in Chile to be penalized for mistreatment of a deputy prosecutor, it’s never happened,» he told the morning. In this context, the chaser recounted a fact that occurred on 10 January, when a folder of Caval and three filing cabinets were found in the office of the regional prosecutor’s secretary. «All of this should be in custody, but it was about to be destroyed, even though by regulation it must be done after ten years after sentencing. There are also lost Caval ballots and they are looking for them,» he said.
Allendes’ concern is because the oral trial against Natalia Compagnon and Sebastián Dávalos, for investigation of a scam against businessman Gonzalo Vial Concha, is pending. And for the prosecution, the only explanation for these facts is that Arias will remain present at the prosecution even when he is suspended.
Arias «had an interest in holding a position in the government. It’s not just me, Sergio Moya said. He was going to be anything for the national prosecutor to leave and appoint him President Piñera,» he said.
«Two days before the trial of the Caval case was prepared, I was told that I would not have support for this hearing, not from lawyers, assistants or officials because prosecutor Arias did not want to,» he added.
In that sense, Allendes noted that Arias «tried to save Natalia Compagnon and that is why he left such an important cause without any support. It was a cause that had many tomes, a lot of evidence, and it leaves it lying… That’s because I didn’t have much interest in the outcome.»
«I noticed Emiliano writing with his left hand and his right hand. He was interested in getting Herman Chadwick out, because he didn’t want him to go to trial,» he revealed. «In fact, the prosecutor asked me that ‘he couldn’t afford to take a relative of the President of the Republic with that woman,'» he added.
In the interest of Arias in Compagnon, Allendes noted that the prosecutor wanted to look good with everyone. «Emiliano what he always wanted is for the national prosecutor to leave. And we all know how a national prosecutor has to go: with constitutional indictment and right-wing and left-wing votes are needed. I have the conviction that this was the case. Rancagua was not brought to Rancagua by a right-wing politician, but from the left, close to President Bachelet,» he concluded.

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