translated from Spanish: They find death in prison to be charged for murder of Xaviera Rojas

This Sunday he was found dead in Santiago High Security Prison, Edgard Layseca, who was charged as co-author in the murder of the young Xaviera Rojas, which occurred in December in the commune of San Bernardo.La Homicide Brigade of the IDP performs expertise in the cell to determine the causes of his death, according to information from Radio Bío-Bío.It should be remembered that Javier Bustamante, syndicated as the material author of the murder of Xaviera Rojas, is also detained. 18 years old, he was walking to the house of culture in the commune to participate in a musical rehearsal. Two blocks from her final destination, she would have met Javier Bustamante, who intercepted her and forced her into an abandoned house where individuals use drugs. In this place, the young woman was attacked and killed with a blunt object. After this, his body was manicured, covered with a bed cover and moved in a supermarket cart to a place where he was abandoned. In the meantime, Edgard Layseca and Diego Bustamante, accused of being co-authors of the crime of robbery with murder and illegal burial of the young woman, were subsequently sentenced to pre-trial detention. Edgard Layseca was singled out for being at the scene and having done nothing to prevent the murder, then helping to clean up the site of the event.

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