translated from Spanish: Citizens of the world of culture seek to become a political party

The month of January was historic for a group of citizens linked to culture, as they managed to gather more than 100 people to sign in a notary of Santiago, in order to become a Culture Force l, a party in formation, and thus meet one of the first requirements of the Constitutional Organic Law of Political Parties to form a party.
During last Monday, January 13, they attended the Notary Ronchera, musicians, actors, dancers, artists, artisans, audiovisuals, photographers, cultural managers, publicists and culture lovers who share the principles of Cultural Force ( and wanted to join or support this initiative.
The next step will be to deliver the statutes with the 100 signatures in the Electoral Service of Chile (SERVEL), and once approved, start the process of gathering the minimum number of affiliates established by the Law within 210 days.
Cultural Force arises from the need to achieve greater representativeness of the diverse needs and dimensions of culture in the different instances of social participation, discussion and definition of public policies at all levels, both in those affecting culture as well as others, especially those related to education, health, pensions, housing and social welfare, where culture is necessary and has a fundamental role.
«This was a historic day for this project that starts and that we will surely remember very fondly in the future. If we can consolidate the formation of a political party around culture, it will be an unprecedented achievement both in Chile and in the rest of the world,» said Sebastián Milos Montes, president of Fuerza Cultual at this founding stage.
Currently, the board’s board of formation is composed by Angélica Cancino Gándara (Vice-President), Loreto Caro Valdés (Secretary General), Eduardo García Urzúa (Secretary of Finance) and Francisco Mena Molina (Secretary of Communication), while the eugenia Goldenberg, Rodrigo Cepeda Planas, Rocío Rencoret Palominos, Sebastián Pino Arriagada and Javiera Cerda Sandoval are composed.

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