translated from Spanish: Demre modifies PSU’s surrender schedule and postpones the test on Monday and Tuesday

The Department of Educational Assessment, Measurement and Registration (DEMRE) reported that the start of the surrender of the PSU will be delayed by one hour. Through a statement, they detailed that the measure seeks to “facilitate transfers to applicants who were assigned to communes other than their registration as a result of the application of security and logistics protocols”. The exam is scheduled for this Monday, January 27 and Tuesday, January 28. Since the Demre confirmed that these changes – which were reported a day before the date stipulated to give the test – “were determined by the security protocol established by the Ministry of Interior and Carabinieri in order to ensure that meet the criteria necessary for the application of the test.” The schedules that were set for Monday 27 are:Math Test: Presentation at 9.15 and application at 10.00Language Test: Presentation at 15.15 and application at 16.00For Tuesday 28 will only take the Science Test, which will be taken at 10 a.m. and students who give it will be asked to arrive at 9.15, same time as for the math test. It is worth mentioning that the change occurs after the Demre released the surrender facilities where young people will have to take the exam again. This caused annoyance to the students, who claimed through social media as several were assigned establishments that are located far away from the communes where they originally enrolled. From the Demre they stated that “due to the security protocols established by the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Education and the Council of Rectors, the surrendering premises, on this occasion, should be visas by Carabineros of Chile, so as ensure adequate conditions for its use.” This reason explains why “some applicants were assigned to premises other than those of their registration,” the institution said. To know the detail, you must enter this link with ruth and key.   

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