translated from Spanish: Minister Ward responded to the FA after warning Blumel: “They have to explain them instead of asking for them”

The Minister of the Segpres, Felipe Ward, defended his interior peer Gonzalo Blumel after the “ultimatum” given to him by the FA deputies to remove Carabineros’ managing general Mario Rozas before 3 March otherwise they would start a acu constitutional sation against him. According to Emol, Ward stated that “we do not operate on the basis of ultimatum, here one cannot judge a person for doing his job, for doing his duty.”” The Broad Front has to give several explanations to the country; they have had variations in the way they think, and then how they vote, and then how they think and how they vote and how they present resources to the relevant bodies,” he said. He stated that “they are the ones who have to explain rather than ask for them.” In addition, the Secretary of State noted that “Chileans are demanding greater capacity to generate agreement and when they are presented, used and abused oversight bodies such as appeals, constitutional accusations, when announcing a constitutional accusations and appeals, the one that loses is citizenship. You really earn little with these kinds of ads that lead to nothing.” Finally, Ward called on Congress to approve the projects that have been presented under the security line and social agenda because “that is why there is a Parliament. Of course, the work of auditing is important, but we do not neglect the priorities of the public, they are calling for agreements, not that the audit bodies be abused.”

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