translated from Spanish: The Colonies of CDMX with the most complaints in 2019

In 2019, a total of 242 thousand 850 crimes were reported in Mexico City, with 10% of them all concentrated in only six colonies in the capital. Centro, Del Valle and Rome were among the most reported, while the Morelos colony, where the Neighborhood of Tepito is located, leads in homicides.
This is revealed by the official criminal incident data of the Attorney General’s Office of Mexico City. On average, 665 possible crimes were reported every day during 2019, about half of them concentrated in the mayors Iztapalapa, Gustavo A. Madero and Cuauhtémoc.
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If all reported crimes are taken into account, the information shows that the Colonia Centro in the mayor alt alaut of Cuauhtémoc records the most cases, with 6,996 open investigative folders. An important factor that explains this fact is that it is one of the busiest and most visited colonies in the city, as it contains the Historic Center and the surrounding streets.
The second colony with the most complaints is Doctors, in the same town hall, with three thousand 929 illicits reported in 2019. In the third place is the colony Del Valle Centro in the town hall of Benito Juárez, with three thousand 121 crimes reported. And three other colonies follow, all from Cuauhtémoc: Rome North, with 2 thousand,589 crimes; Morelos with 2 thousand 460, and Buenavista with 2 thousand 38.
The six colonies mentioned accumulate 21,413 reported crimes, which is almost 10% of all illicit offences reported in the capital in 2019. That is, one in ten reported crimes, on average, occurred in one of these six colonies.
In the review by type of crimes specifically some of these colonies repeat and also appear new. The Centro colony is the most frequently listed in the first places as, for example, it leads in robbery with and without violence, theft of businesses, sexual abuse, extortion and even bicycle theft.
The Morelos colony leads in homicide cases in 2019 with 44 officially registered, leaving the Centro colony in second place with 20. Morelos is also the fifth colony with the most allegations of family violence, the fifth in robbery, the first in cases of narco-pulland and the third in extortion.
The Roma Norte colony is another that repeats in the first places several reported crimes. For example, it is the third with the most cases of nonviolent room theft and account theft coming out of cashier, and the fourth in bike theft. Its adjoining colony, South Rome, is the fifth with the most house robberies, tied with the Portales.
The central Valley colony is the third largest in the city with the most cases of theft of cars with and without violence (only surpassed in this crime by the Oriental Agricultural and the Narvare). La Del Valle also occupies the first site of the entire capital in robbery home room without violence, which is explained as it is an almost entirely residential area.
Del Valle Centro is also the second colony of the capital with more research folders initiated by theft of accountholders leaving ATMs with 13, only behind the Polanco colony, in the mayoralty of Miguel Hidalgo.
In the specific case of the crime of narcomenudeo, the first sites occupy, in addition to the aforementioned colonies Morelos and Centro, the Doctors in third place, followed by the Pedregal colony of Santo Domingo in the town of Coyoacán. In environmental crimes the colony with the most complaints in 2019 was Campestre Aragón, in Gustavo A. Madero.
Below, Animal Político presents an interactive where the five colonies that accumulated the greatest number of complaints for twelve different illicit selves can be consulted:
In three mayors, nearly half of the cases
According to Mexico City’s open data page, three of the capital’s 16 mayors account nearly 95,000 reported crimes, which equate to more than 40% of all recorded cases.
The first site is occupied by the mayor of Iztapalapa in the east of the capital with 36 thousand 737 research folders initiated, followed by Cuauhtémoc in the central area with 33 thousand 92. The third demarcation with the highest number of complaints is Gustavo A. Madero, in the north of the city, with 23 thousand 344 cases.
The first five sites are completed by the mayoralty of Benito Juárez with 18 thousand 845 research folders registered in its territory, and Alvaro Obregón with 17 thousand 182 cases.
On the other hand, the mayors with the least reported crimes are Milpa Alta with 1 thousand 580 folders started, Cuajimalpa with 3 mil 498, Magdalena Contreras with 3 mil 788, Tláhuac with 5 thousand 769 cases and Xochimilco with 6 thousand 986 crimes reported.
A year of contrasts
In 2019, the total number of investigative folders initiated for some crimes increased while others decreased. According to the experts, this may be due either to an increase in the occurrence of such illegals, or to the decrease in the black figure and the proportion of reported cases increased.
The 242 thousand 850 crimes recorded in 2019 in Mexico City, is an increase of 0.75% compared to 241 thousand 30 in 2018. If the comparison is made by rates, the increase is close to 1%, as the population of the capital, unlike that of the country, decreases annually.
For this same reason, the 1,625 victims of intentional homicides and femicides recorded in 2019 in the city represent a rate very similar to that recorded in 2018, where 1 thousand 643 homicides were recorded.
Among the reported crimes that declined in 2019 in Mexico City were the abductions, which dropped almost 35%; firearm injuries, which fell 8.4%; the robberies of passers-by, which dropped 37.4%, and the house robberies, which fell 9.5%.
In contrast, sexual harassment reports were shot 46.3% in 2019, as did extortion reports, which grew 64.9%. There was also an increase in cases of theft of banking institutions with an increase of 162.5%, while business thefts advanced 10.7%.
Another relevant fact is that in 2019 in the capital the cases reported by family violence were raised by 29.3%, from 19 thousand 931 in 2018 to 25 thousand 775 in 2019.
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