translated from Spanish: CSD Colo Colo asked for the departure of General Mario Rozas for death of fan

The president of club Social y Deportivo (CSD) Colo Colo, Edmundo Valladares, referred to the death of Jorge Mora Herrera (37), who was hit last night by a carabineros truck, asking for the departure of General Mario Rozas.Valladares claimed that and «we feel that after all these months that have elapsed, there are no more opportunities we feel, we believe it is time for General Director Rozas to step aside for good,» according to T13. In addition, the CSD helmsman argued that «this situation is not an isolated event within the country context that has been experienced, which I insist is very hard, which is an unacceptable context». The leader stated that the action of the uniformed police «has cost the lives of others very close to the institution such as Alex (Núñez), a Coloscan partner of the commune of Maipú, is the case of Gustavo Gatica, a Collocolino partner who lost his vision completely after being hit by pellets, that’s the case of Fabiola Campillay.» Valladares stressed that «we are in the position that there has to be a bigger decision in this case, we feel that, as I say, the general director of Carabineros cannot continue in his role.» Finally, he said that the operation deployed last night at the Monumental Stadium by the uniformed police «was totally untempered,» and that this was not «consistent with a match that more than 35,000 people came to yesterday, a match in which people expressed theself He enjoyed,» he enjoyed.» It should be remembered that Carabinero announced that the official who ran over Jorge Mora was arrested and will be formalized, in addition, they ensured that an administrative summary is being carried out for this fact.

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