translated from Spanish: How to take care of your apartment remotely on vacation

To minimize the chances of being robbed inside the home vacation, technology is an important ally and apartment buildings have integrated innovative safety tools D.
A good option to increase security is to choose real estate projects that deliver a good quality of life and also offer cutting-edge protection technology, such as security cameras for the department, pedestrian and vehicle access controlled, among other services.
An example is the SmartEye or «Smart Door» that Exxacon real estate is implementing in the Buildings Egaña 1, Egaña 2 in La Reina. It consists of an advanced access control that replaces the traditional doorbell, transferring it to the smartphone so that it can answer (from anywhere) to the one who rings the doorbell. In addition, it allows the caller to register through photos or videos, regardless of whether there are people within the department or not.
Another alternative is to have real-time security cameras and a comprehensive system that should consider what happens outside the home, says María José Uriarte, project development manager at Exxacon. «Detecting any intrusion is the target of tools such as volumetric and linear external sensors or photoelectric fences. You can also use home automation and incorporate elements that simulate the presence of people in the home; for example, a timer that turns the lights on and off,» he says.
Tips for taking care of the apartment on vacation
Beware of social media: Posting on social platforms to be going on the road can be a valuable source of information for those who expect the department to be alone.
Look at the access entrances: before you leave, it is very important to make sure that windows and doors are closed and that they are in perfect condition.
Check the alarm: a faulty alarm is a risky factor of consideration. Proving that it works properly is vitally important when you go on holiday.
Warn concierges and trusted neighbors: security is a matter of collaboration.

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