translated from Spanish: PC seeks to overturn trial that sentences him to pay millionaire compensation to worker

The First Court of Letters of Labor of Santiago ordered the Communist Party to pay a million-million-year compensation to a woman who worked for almost 30 years to collect without payment of remuneration or contribution Is. In a conversation with Radio Biobio, the Communist Party’s general secretary, Lautaro Carmona, referred to the court’s ruling and assured that «that is not consistent with the truth.» In addition, he stated that «the antemetent we can deliver is that this is a fairly long process, which has conclusions in Courts and since they had to leave that place because it was proved that they were not of them, but that they were making misuse, they now moved the case to a labor trial. I’m talking about a topic of years and not a months issue.» But the court recognized the employment link between the community and the 76-year-old woman. According to the demand made by the worker she did not receive any salary during the time I took care of the PC grounds. To which Carmona stated that «we are going to address it from courts. I don’t want to discredit the lawyer, although he has a lot of interest in discrediting the PC. I don’t want to go any further, so that this is in the courtroom, that’s why we’re filing a request for annulment of the judgment. That’s right, it’s ungrateful, but that’s it.» There is no contract at all that was not cancelled. She the lady of the companion who was on that ground and then passed away,» she clarified at the station. He also stated that «That’s right, that’s proven on the court level. We have absolute peace of mind, that what is very bombastic, is that they used a tactic of bringing this to a work plane, a person who is twenty years old (in that place), just defined that he has no contract or social laws, so we know that he misuses them.»» Why do you do it? I think there’s a neighborhood there with a lot of very special characters. Well, but that’s the political part, but for now the issue is judicial,» Carmona questioned.

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