translated from Spanish: Bong Joon Ho, director of «Parasite»: «I remember getting excited when Scorsewas won for ‘Infiltrates’, it’s an honor to have been nominated alongside him»

Korean director Bong Joon Ho, a recent Oscar winner for best film (first given a foreign language film), recalled when he watched the awards show on television. Also referring to the future of foreign language tapes at Academia.Al to finish the ceremony, Bong gave a press conference in which he was asked if at some point in his childhood he imagined he would win an Oscar as he did with Parasite.Al time to answer the director commented: «I’ve seen Scorsese lose this award over and over again, he didn’t know me then, but I was very frustrated, I remember when he won for ‘Infiltrates’ I was so excited, so now having been nominated next to him it’s been a great honor, it’s hard to believe,» the Korean South said. Bong also referred to the impact that for the first time the award for best film was brought to him by a foreign language tape: «Social media and streaming platforms, and the environment in which we live makes us all connected. So naturally we will come to the day when when a foreign language tape wins a prize or loses it, it won’t be great news,» he said.

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