translated from Spanish: New CPC candidate agrees with former Minister Valente: «The development model has allowed Chile to go out into the world and grow»

The new candidate for the presidency of the Confederation of Trade Production, Ricardo Mewes, continues to give light of what would be his eventual mandate.
During this day, the ex-man of the National Chamber of Commerce (CNC) referred to the statements to the Third of the former Minister of Economy, Juan Ramón Valente, who noted that «people are ashamed to say it, but the model of economic development was working well.» In an interview with EmolTV, Mewes indicated «agreeing» with the former secretary of state.
«I believe that Chile has developed, it has grown. There are many people who have come out of poverty today who are in the middle class and many who don’t want to go back to poverty while there are on the edge,» the CPC candidate said.
Regarding the development model referred to by Valente, Newes noted that it «has allowed Chile to go out into the world, Chile to grow, to develop and for Chilean entrepreneurs to go out and compete in that environment that is often hostile».
«That’s because there have been very stable public policies, from an economic, sustained point of view, and that’s a product of the model we have,» he added.
«Chile’s economic development model has served and served a lot and allowed Chile to grow a lot. That there is inequality, no doubt, that we have to take charge and look first at the entrepreneur’s point of view towards within the companies, which is not happening, that happens with the worker to start from there to build greater equality in our country», he closed.
It should be remembered from Newes will compete against the candidate officialized by the National Society of Agriculture (SNA), Juan Sutil for the presidency of the multi-congress in the elections on March 12.

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