translated from Spanish: Contracting debt for Michoacán will be a fact, says Norberto Martínez

Naomi Carmona
Morelia, Michoacán.- The hiring of public debt for Michoacán totaling 4.90 million pesos, will be a fact despite the action of unconstitutionality promoted by 12 deputies of Morena and two of the Labour Party, said Norberto Antonio Martínez Soto the chairman of the Programming, Budget and Public Account Committee of the State Congress.
In the race between borrowing authorized by the Legislative Power to the government of Michoacán, the Executive has an advantage, as the PRD deputy considered that the action of unconstitutionality should have been filed before the date on which it was promoted to the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation.

«If they get slow it will be a fait accompli (…) They should have speeded it on one side. I say it is constitutional because the Supreme Court has to ensure that it is constitutional and there is a sample and example of the Federal Chamber, so in the past processes.»

It was on 30 January that Morenist and PT MPs came to the SCJN to promote action against the 2020 Revenue Act for Michoacán for the approval of the procurement of public debt; the justification of the deputies is that the Executive Power of Michoacán, added to the Revenue Act the intention to contract public debt and did not present it in a different initiative, because for the Law it is necessary for its approval, the simple majority and in the case of the emp votes are required in favor of two-thirds of the Local Congress.
Therefore, left-wing legislators request that Section 1 of the Tax Revenue Act 2020 be invalidated, as well as article 26 on borrowing.

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