translated from Spanish: State “Carrier Pigeons” Program Is Discriminatory: Secretary of Migration MC

Naomi Carmona
Morelia, Michoacán.- For the newly appointed head of the Secretariat of Internal Migration of the Citizen Movement party, Stanislao Ponce de León Ozuna, the state program “Palomas Messageras” is discriminatory and of “coyotytage”, because it only opens opportunities for older adults to visit the United States to be reunited with their families.
The Michoacan migrant and expert on migration issues, the program promoted by the government of Silvano Aureoles Conejo, rules out the possibility for children and young people to visit their parents in the neighboring country, and does not allow their affiliation if there was previously a denial Visa.
To say of Ponce de León Ozuna, Palomas Messengerras was more processed since birth, being made by people who are not trained in migratory processes.

“A person who does not meet the characteristics of being an adult, if they do not have a Visa denial, if they have not gone to the United States before, is left out of that program. It’s a discriminatory program.”

In addition, MC’s domestic secretary accused the state program of being “coyote” because there is a monetary fee in exchange for the beneficiaries accessing it.

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