translated from Spanish: The nerves of Zunino and Costa for its first Dichato Festival

Broadcast for the first time on television (TVN), this Saturday will be held the second day of the Festival of Dichato, and unlike last weekend on this occasion will be animated by journalists Carla Zunino and Gino Costa. After a successful first day, the show returns recharged with music and humor, with artists such as La Combo Tortuga, or comedian Alvaro Salas.Es the first time the duo, “born and raised” on TVN, animate a festival, so the nerves are installed, at least for C who admitted that he likes “challenges, I like to be little sleepy.” However, both admit to today that doing so in the company of a friend “generates total peace of mind”. The animators, who share a screen in the morning, never expected an offer like this to come, but they did not hesitate to accept the proposal. Carla defines it as “pure gain from the professional and the personal”. As a tradition in this type of event, and as seen last day, the public screams for a kiss among animators, something that no one likes much, even Zunino called it “a tradition that does not stick so much”, but they say that they have something pr He’s going to entertain people. On the option of having some kind of demonstration during the festival, taking into account the social context and the phyfias in events of past weeks, Costa considers that this is “the moment of music and you have to enjoy it as such”, although they cannot assure that it does not nothing happens. About the show, they say there will be many surprises, so they preferred not to advance anything yet.

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