translated from Spanish: DO NOT SHUT UP! – Opinion of Teresa Da Cunha Lopes

By: Teresa Da Cunha Lopes
In each of the deaths a part of our soul disappears. In each of the crimes our humanity dies.
In each of the complicity, of silence, of omissions, of valemadrism, of the sexist discourse that built another wall of infamy and rises the building of barbarism. Enough impunity, silence, arrangement, inefficiency, «justifications» and hatred against girls, adolescent girls, women.
ZERO tolerance for absent authorities, abject officials, misogynistic politicians, sexist system of the delivery of justice.
Victims are women, of all ages, of all conditions. Through us, families and society as a whole.
They eliminate the human garbage that screams when a door burns and that silences the mother and victims of their social networks and friendship circles. Do not vote for misogynistic politicians who cut budgets for areas of prevention, intervention and protection of victims of gender-based violence. To force the state and federation not to have omissions, complicity of attitudes, unethical behaviors, investigative incompetence. Demand gender-based justice.
Report the yellowing and unververence of «communicators» who post outrageous and humiliating photos of the victims.
Prevention is done by pedagogy. Impunity is eliminated by ZERO tolerance of attitudes and behaviors of people (to call us something) who have obligations and do not fulfill them.
«People,» politicians, officials, authorities who pay with public money, the result of our taxes, to protect us. Not to make fun of the victims, they abandon their families and call for «respect» for the criminals.
Let’s get this genocide «tolerated» by the system over. Let’s join forces to wipe out the hydra of a thousand heads. Mainly, do not call, not be «girls well», not be ashamed to provoke, not be afraid of the forces that rise to silence us. Visualizing each of the crimes, returning humanity to each of the victims, protecting ourselves from cultural, social and political violence is our duty. Reclaiming the spaces of the family, of the school, public is our obligation in this twenty-first century.
And, as others once said, the only thing we’ll lose is our shackles. Everything else was removed. Even the freedom to live without fear.
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