translated from Spanish: When to stop being a tenant and become an owner?

It is a concrete fact that mortgage lending rates are very low, despite the latest hikes. However, this data is not enough for much of the Chileans to access the dream of their own home, having to content themselves just with leasing. The high value of properties, the requirements of a foot of 20% and the current banking restrictions make the purchase of a root good «severely unattainable»;, according to the PIR index (CCHC).
In this context, it is important that those thinking of acquiring a property incorporate in their analysis the following question, does my current and future financial reality allow me to make the decision in a calm and responsible way? Many times, rushing into this decision can bring many problems, such as living full of debt and marked in commercial newsletters, by over-indebtedness; buy a property that does not meet the basic needs of the family, because it was decided on a very limited budget; pay a high monthly interest amount, for a very long-term credit or eventually, lose ownership for non-payment of the monthly dividend.
In short, buying is not necessarily better than leasing, moreover, buying at the wrong time can become a very bad decision. This is why the lease should be considered as a transition period

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