translated from Spanish: Julieta Ortega on #19F and legal abortion: “It’s a social justice issue”

Prior to the first legal abortion handcoat of 2020, Julieta Ortega defended the case in dialogue with Luis Novaresio for Radio La Red. “I think in these years what we have learned is that the axis of personal or religious issues must be taken: no matter what one would do, what would happen to the children, what one would have made pregnant or not. A more global, more empathetic question has to be thought of,” he said this morning. In this context, he celebrated the position of Alberto Fernández’s administration in the face of the debate: “This is a unique opportunity. A president willing to get the law out makes all the difference.”
However, he defined at what point the topic stagnates: “You can’t argue with a person who talks about killing people, the pain of a fetus that until week 13 has no developed nervous system. So what pain are we talking about, what murder are we talking about? The discussion is not progressing.”
“What comes into this law is a matter of social justice, but on the other side they’re going to say ‘what justice are you talking about if you’re killing a human being?’ -No, ma’am, it’s not a human being -Well it’s a human being because you’re killing a life, a heart that’s already beating,’ the interpreter refuted. And it finally closed: “We are in that moment where we do not hurt the fetus. In all countries it is done until the third month, that’s how it works. In Canada until month eight. There’s no way to make that understood.” In this note:

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