translated from Spanish: With an early goal AtLetico Madrid beat Liverpool at Wanda Stadium

Atletico Madrid were in the quarter-finals of the Champions League after beating Liverpool 1-0 thanks to a goal by Saúl Aíguez five minutes into the match and a huge effort by the ‘mattressers’ to match the reigning king of Europe, who ended up impotent in the Shrapnel.Jurgen Klopp’s team returned to the stage where he proclaimed himself continental champion just eight months ago, but the story was quite different on Tuesday. The English were slow to meet and when they did they could not beat a strong Atleti, which he remembered from yesteryear, and who stepped forward to stay alive in the ‘Champions’. The beginning of the red-whites was overwhelming. Morata alerted the Metropolitan after three minutes with a punchline that he escaped his tummy testa and – soon after – Saul took the Metropolitan into ecstasy by owning a ball in the small area. It was not a goal of beautiful invoice, as usual in the ‘Champions’, but the Ilicitan came to his appointment with his fetish competition when it was needed most. The goal caught Alisson pitching, but he couldn’t do much more either given the athletic player’s closeness. The 1-0 gave wings to an Atleti who had ten minutes to frame. The reigning champion of Europe had barely stretched and seemed subjected to the impetus of a mattress. To the message of ‘if it is created and worked, it can’. Atletico had regained the spirit that changed its most recent history. However, the script was twisted minutes later. Jurgen Klopp’s pupils monopolized the ball and soon reduced Atleti to the team he used to this season. The crash went crazy. From the local domain, to suffer to maintain possession. Almost 80% went to the reds in a first part where there were also no excessive opportunities for the English. Salah was the big culprit with an offside goal and a header rubbing off break time. On the other hand, Atletico remained in the lair, well-armed and entrusted to a beastly Philip in defence. The Brazilian – and an excellent Lodi – were the best of a lag that remembered the best ‘cholist’ era with Godín’s permission.Still, Simeone’s team enjoyed two times in Boots of Morata, who most danger created with his back to the ‘red’ goal. , with a hand-to-hand where he was not accurate. Liverpool owned the ball, but Atletico taught teeth to the minimum. In that scenario the Spanish team moved to pleasure. In the second half, Liverpool maintained the same game idea although they were unable to find the gap that was denied the whole crash. Salah, before being replaced, forgave with another header after an exquisite pass from Van Dijk and Henderson grazed the post in the 70th minute. However, Atletico did not appear to suffer despite being against the ropes. What’s more, he took oil back out of his obtuse, primitive football. Vrsaljko squandered a Dullente intern, which gave another air instead to the Frenchman Lemar, but the Croatian side got tangled up with the ball and ended up handing it over to an opponent, while Morata had another clear one in the heart of the area. The Madrid striker stumbled upon the disbelief of a Metropolitan who did not shut up in the 90 minutes. For the final stretch, Simeone bet on Diego Costa, who had been in boxes for more than three months. The Brazilian-Hispanic, eager for goals, squandered a good against it almost in time and Vitolo added electricity in the final meters to refresh his own after so much effort. The battle went to simeone’s, but the war will end in three weeks at Anfield. As the ‘Cholo’ likes, away from home and with minimal advantage without having fit in as a local. The challenge is major, but bigger challenges fell on the path that has made Atletico, in the last eight years, a regular among the best in Europe.


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