translated from Spanish: Court of Appeals backed Foreign court’s decision not to allow the influx of priest O’Reilly to Chile

The Court of Appeal of Santiago rejected the appeal of protection brought by the Irish priest John O’Reilly, who was convicted in the country as the perpetrator of the repeated offence of sexual abuse of minors, and expelled from the country after the enforcement of his sentence.
O’Reilly accused the Department of Foreign Affairs for illegal action, which did not allow him to enter Chile.
The Court of Appeals’ ruling argued that “while no one may be deprived of the right to enter the national territory, to circulate there, to reside there ly with the legal provisions, and to leave the country freely, however, the exercise of tale (s) rights may be restricted under the law, as an indispensable measure, among other reasons for the protection of morals or the rights and freedoms of others, which is based on the coexistence of fundamental rights with those of others; and hence the need to harmonize them, in this case, preferring public morals and the purpose of taking measures to protect children and adolescents.”
“John Joseph Reilly has been convicted of repeated offences of sexual abuse of minors, and in addition to the sentence of four years of release and one day of juvenile presidio at its highest degree; among ancillary sentences, it was decided to sentence him to be temporarily disqualified for positions, trades or professions held in educational fields or involving a direct and habitual relationship with minors, thus flowing the hypothesis that: ‘the following foreigners are prohibited from entering the country: (…) No. 2.- of article 15 of the Aliens Act (…) in general, those who perform acts contrary to morality or good customs,'” added the capital high court.

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