translated from Spanish: Evópoli gets RN into the dance in the political guerrilla he has with udI in La Araucanía

The intrusive officer in the Hasbún case continues to add edges after National Renewal (RN) was involved in the conflict. This after Evópoli’s vice president, Andrés Molina, criticized RN Deputy René Manuel García for «defending» the suspended Director of Vialidad of the MOP of La Araucanía, Rodrigo Toledo.
Molina first smeared former UDI Deputy Gustavo Hasbún and the seremi Henry Leal of the same party, and now decided to take them against MP RN.  «I personally know that this person (Toledo) has been required from the first day of being regional director of road, the deputy René Manuel García himself was the one who demanded and imposed this person and I imagine that he has been defending it and preventing that the authority has his job of making the change,» the deputy denounced in an interview with Radio Universo, referring to the corruption inquiry carried in his hands by the High Complexity Prosecutor’s Office of La Araucanía. Asked if you think Garcia has lobbied for Toledo, Molina’s response was «yes, absolutely and I don’t know why, I don’t have an explanation for why either.»
It should be remembered that it was the deputy Evópoli who requested the removal of Toledo when 40 unresolved summarys were released. «A serious administrative problem,» in the words of the same Member.
«He is a person who comes from previous governments and is somehow responsible for the entire administrative issue,» said PARLIAMENTarian Evópoli, referring to the suspended director of Vialidad.
The political issue
Molina’s sayings deepen the political guerrillas in the area that until now was limited to Evópoli and the UDI, and where the unionism has complained of being the victim of «bad class maneuvers» and «political exploitation».
Molina’s offensive has sparked a fratricidal war in the interior of Chile Vamos.  According to the store’s president, Jacqueline van Rysselberghe, everything has an electoral background, because «Molina from the beginning has harassed Henry Leal in every way possible – who was his rival in recent parliamentarians – and always asks for his resignation for anything, because he knows that if he goes on a candidate he has a good chance of winning.»
But Molina – formerly intendant of La Araucanía – has all the support of Evópoli. The party’s natural leader, Felipe Kast, defended him by pointing out that «Andrés Molina has been a tireless fighter against corruption and nepotism in the state» and argued that «this is not a political maneuver, this is a case of serious corruption that must be investigated.»
However, in the interview with Radio Universo, Molina ruled out that he wanted to «take advantage». «I’m sorry, because what we want is that this isn’t deal with the political issue, with those fights that people condemn a lot,» he said.

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