translated from Spanish: [VIDEO] Vasco Moulian stung against Viña’s second night and spawned debate on Twitter

Vasco Moulián gave to speak on social media, after his intervention in the morning “Mucho Gusto”, where he criticized the second night of the Festival de Viña, marked by the presentation of Mon Laferte. The actor said, “It was a far-left night. (…) The organizers of Viña, the executive mr. of TVN, must be praying that they do not throw him out, it was five hours of electoral stripe for a very clear vote,” he said, referring to the “Apruebo” option of the next plebiscite on April 26. In this sense, the former Executive of Channel 13 insisted that “it was a barley night, they went to the slob in the political way. I thought it was excessive. Yesterday was a night of the night,” while the other panelists were speaking. Finally, looking annoyed, Moulián maintained his critique, replicating that “it would have balanced it (…) I missed a Victor Jara who says “I want to live in peace.” Yesterday was a provocative, terribly provocative night for a part of the country that disagrees with the political trend of these artists, it is a provocation.” And finally he concluded by asking “Why doesn’t the center right have real artists? I would have tried to make it more piola, and Mon’s speech I respect him very much, the festival of Viña is of all Chileans, and yesterday it was skewed. Am I right?” he reused. His questions are similar to those he performed on Stefan Kramer’s show during the first night. “I think last night is the worst night I’ve ever seen Kramer of artistic life, Teletones, Viña, etc. I was very anxious, very sure of this emotional heritage. But I saw fifth, bored in many moments,” she added in the same space.

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