translated from Spanish: «The only way to deal with violence is through the use of legitimate force»: Van Rysselberghe questions Bachelet for his intervention in UN Council

Reactions from officialism following the words of Michelle Bachelet on the DD Council. Hh. unwaved. UDI President Jaqueline Van Rysselberghe referred to the call for «responsibility for human rights violations» during the high commissioner’s social outburst.
«That’s his catch and I think that’s what he has to do. What happens is to me that in her statement what was missing is that those who have to give that responsibility are the courts of justice in a country that has a rule of law,» she said, according to Emol. «Chile is a country that is in a rule of law, where the courts exist, the executive branch, the legislative branch and therefore if there is any fact aproducted by the acts of violence that we have experienced since October 18 where excessive use of the force has been made they are being investigated in court and they are the ones who have to determine if that is effective,» he added.
According to Van Rysselberghe, «the only way to deal with violence is through the use of legitimate force.»
In this sense, the leader of the trade unionism noted that «Carabineros has to use legitimate force to protect society and democracy and we ask the opposition to recognize that to face violence it is necessary to use force legitimate.»

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