translated from Spanish: How’s the 5-year-old girl who fell from the second floor of the garden?

The fact shocked society. On Monday at noon a 5-year-old girl fell to the sidewalk from nine metres and lay on her back. The youngest was in the los Puentes kindergarten of School No. 9 Juan Crisóstomo Lafinur, located at 5740 Gorriti Street, when she fell from the second floor window. The child was transferred to Ricardo Gutiérrez Hospital where she was received by Drs. Pablo Vallone and Daniel Montero: “She is in good health, continues in intensive therapy under observation for the first 24 hours,” the consultant said on Tuesday General Tutelar de la Ciudad, Yael Bendel, in dialogue with the TN channel. “We hope that, if it continues like this, they will discharge him for the next few days,” she said. The patient has a lung contusion, skin lesions and bruises typical of a fall, especially on the left side of the body, but is out of danger. “There’s no fracture or troubling blow,” Bendel said. “At times she is lucid, asks for water and says a word,” health professionals said. The baby reportedly lives in the home “Vallecito” (which depends on the Directorate General of Children and Adolescents of the Ministry of Human Development and Habitat) since December 2018 where she entered “by family situation” and is in “adoptability status” with his brothers. “From the first moment the accident occurred, the home coordinator, a supervisor and a social caregiver are accompanying the baby and did not take off from her,” spokespersons from the Ministry of Human Development and Habitat of the Porteño told her.

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