translated from Spanish: Michetti denounced for alleged fraud against public administration

The Director of Legal Affairs of the Senate of the Nation, Graciana Peñafort, filed a criminal complaint against the former vice president, Gabriela Michetti, for alleged fraud against the public administration and incompatible negotiations. The indictment refers to «million-dollar payments for works that had no progress» in the upper house, while including former Senate administrative secretary Helio Rebot and company president DINALE S.A, Germán De Vincenzo.De according to the presentation, «Michetti gave more than 180 million to a company that did not complete the works that were guided in a questionable tender.»

Helio Rebot, former administrative secretary of the Senate of the Nation

According to sources in the Senate presidency, the former vice president «made million-dollar payments for works that made no progress. More than 180 million pesos were paid, the works are unfinished and the progress of works does not coincide with the million-dollar budget spent by Michetti.» In this, Télam reported that it was found that «the company was not a Supplier of the Senate and never asked for the enabling of the work», as well as the fact that «millionly advances were delivered through irregular documents.» The million-dollar advances delivered for financial advances and work certificates do not match the progress of the same,» the sources consulted said. In the letter submitted, Ms. Peñafort states that the «irregular concentration in the hands of a company that was not registered in the supplier register of the Brother Senate of the Nation» and «a possible overprice of work» was verified.

Gabriela Michetti, with former President Mauricio Macri

«The prices determined by the Administration for the opening to tender of the works in question find no reliable justification,» he continues. The works for which the company was hired are linked to the re-adequacy and value of terraces, courtyards, contrafrentetion and circulation in the annex building Alfredo Palacios del Senado.La complaint fell to the Federal Court in criminal and correctional terms No. 11 of the Federal Capital, currently run by Judge Marcelo Martínez de Giorgi.In this note:

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