translated from Spanish: «It’s the same or worse than Chadwick»: opposition MPs open to supporting eventual constitutional indictment against Minister Blumel

The viralization of the brutal assault on an older adult by a Carabineros official continues to weigh on Interior Minister Gonzalo Blumel. The various assaults by state agents allowed the possibility of a constitutional accusation against him to be opened up against him by deputies of the Democratic Revolution.
The front-profile initiative began to take hold, after today, central parliamentarians were available to study the action. This was confirmed by DPS, Gabriel Ascencio, who reportedly supported the libel for Blumel’s «political responsibility.»
«The uncontrolnion of carabinieri, the one with no command, makes the misrule we have even more dangerous. Someone was wondering what democracy is endangering, and I think it’s this bad government that has a non-existent interior minister,» Ascencio said.
«I have the impression that at this point it makes no sense for Minister Blumel to remain the Minister of the Interior. The minister does not send, he does not give instructions, the minister does not coordinate, the minister asks for reports that are then never answered. Not only does it turn out that Piñera is, but now also its interior minister,» added the head of the DC bench.
Meanwhile, the head of the PPD bench, Ricardo Celis, said he was in a period of «reflection» and lounged Blumel for his management.
«The political authority must stop this, Carabineros’ authority must end these practices. I have expressed it to the Minister of the Interior, I have pointed out the view of our bench that this must end,» he said.
With regard to a possible libel accusatory against the Secretary of State, Celis explained that «for the filing of a constitutional indictment there must be three elements: the legal arguments; political force; and the opportunity. And in the face of the latest facts, it seems that the government and Carabineros are making a lot of effort to add more arguments for that.»
«We don’t have a decision made, we’re thinking about it, but this is changing every day. We believe that today absolutely not all the conditions are in place, but this is changing rapidly and we are reflecting on that,» the PPD added.
For his part, the head of the PS bench, Luis Rocafful, referred in harsh terms to the current Vice-President of the Republic.
«It’s the same or worse than Chadwick.» Assured.

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