translated from Spanish: Victor Blanco spoke of Ricardo Centurion’s possible future in Racing

The departure of Ricardo Centurion after the push of Eduardo Coudet on River’s court appeared to have closed the player’s career at that institution in Avellaneda. From there, the differences with DT, which just left last December, and with Diego Milito, from which he had no good words, pushed him further away. Now, with a change of technical body and with a great present in Vélez, where the player himself recognized a change in his life, it is rumored that Sebastian Beccacece will insist inside for “Riky” to stay after his loan at Liniers.

Centurion has to return to Racing in June and could have a new chance. Photo: NA

On this subject it was the President White Authorityr, who made it clear that he does not have the doors closed, although the assessment to be made to confirm his call will depend a lot on the consensus and an agreement where the attitudes of the player are above other things.” We have to talk to the group, the technician. Today we are anottoised to the present and three or four months to go,” began his statements on Radio La Red, the driver of Racing Club. “It will depend on him passing with him. In June he has to go back to Racing and then we’ll see,” he said. No charge and no choice was the 27-year-old’s loan to Velez, so his current Super League Cup could be worth a higher price and the player’s desire to be able to return to Europe to settle down and have a rematch abroad , as he himself stated.

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