translated from Spanish: Caputto and the present of the ‘U’: «I think we are in a 4.5 and reaching a 5»

The coach of the University of Chile, Hernán Caputto, commented on Wednesday the present of the collegiate cast, fourth in the 2020 National Championship, recognizing that his squad is «in a 4.5 reached a 5″. The club’s once-led team highlighted the start of the blue draw in the tournament, although it was clear to note that there is enough to improve to fight for the title.» We are in a learning phase even, consolidating some names, and the team is growing. Maybe we should adjust things. I think we’re in a 4.5 and coming up with a 5. We lack to get to the best and we must grow together,» he said in dialogue with DNA radio. When it comes to balancing these first seven championship games, where it adds up to four wins, two draws and one loss, the former U17 national coach said that «it’s a positive thing, considering that new players come to which it costs to assemble our model, but they’ve integrated well. Still, we must continue to work for our goal.» For his part, the technician of the ‘U’ referred again to the absence in the last citations of the striker Angelo Henríquez. «Technical theme just like other players who may not stand out as much as if Angelo were out. There’s nothing personal about him, we’re very interested in him being at the highest level. It’s our challenge. This is a day-to-day, there have been good workouts of all this week, we’ll be watching,» he said. We always look for a harmony so that they can be 100% in all their aspects. It happens with all the players. I’m sorry that it was so scrambled with the Angelo theme, because he suffers from it,» he added. Finally, Caputto had words for what Chilean teams did in international competitions, with negative news for those who play the Libertadores and positive for those who are in the South American.» We must hope that this first phase will pass, and mainly the group phase. We’ll see how The South American competition ends and from there I’ll do an analysis. We haven’t been in the final stages for years and we all need to improve in Chilean football, not just in certain clubs. We have to make the league stronger, generate more competition and that will make our teams more competitive,» he said.

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