translated from Spanish: Coronavirus: the Customs Personnel Union, in «health alert»

On yesterday the Ministry of Health of the Nation confirmed 10 new cases of coronavirus in Argentina and total 31. They are distributed in the city of Buenos Aires, province of Buenos Aires, Chaco and Córdoba. In this regard, the Single Union of Customs Personnel of the Argentine Republic spoke, which issued a statement from which they stated their «deep concern for the employment situation of Customs workers in the face of the current health emergency that is plagueing the world population». In a message to the authorities of the Directorate-General of Customs and AFIP, they argue that the Federal Administration has «responsibility to protect its employees who are performing tasks with high risk and vulnerability to suffer coronavirus arbitra all means necessary for the case. 

«Our union organization in this regard will make the relevant complaints and/or claims in the various agencies and/or levels of responsibility to care for the health of customs and their families,» the statement closes. It is worth remembering that outside the airway, the river is also considered a risk factor as far as preventive measures are concerned. In this sense, if one looks at the list of the most affected countries, the number 11 is the time for the Diamond Princess Cruise, which recorded 696 affected, 7 deceased, 325 recovered and 364 evolving. 

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