translated from Spanish: More than a year after his death, they will unlock Natacha Jaitt’s tablet

Everything remains a mystery about Natacha Jaitt’s death. There are still untied corporals and unanswered guesswork. However, the cause would be about to take a key step in the investigation.

They’ll finally open the driver’s tablet. This was indicated by the lawyer of the Alejandro Cipolla family to Clarín: “This Friday the 13th, the expertise will be being carried out to the tablet of Natacha to try its opening. He’s going to be in charge of the Gendarmerie.” In order to access the information saved by the iPad, they will have the collaboration of an international company. “A few minutes ago I was notified that celebrate Inc, which is the world’s specialist company in opening Apple devices, even for terrorism cases,” the lawyer said.

Natacha Jaitt was found lifeless on February 23, 2019

This would be a breakthrough in research given that a month ago, Cipolla mentioned that “with the technology that is available today it is impossible” to access the information contained in the device. Both Ulices Jaitt, the victim’s brother, and the lawyer, insisted that the Justice consider unlocking the tablet. As the lawyer recounted in a recent interview with The Morning, Natacha called him before she was found lifeless and told her “that the information she had was very sensitive and that she wanted to file two new criminal complaints against political officials.” Natacha was found dead on February 23 in the Xanavídez party salon, where she attended a business meeting. In this note:

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