translated from Spanish: Calls for SEE dispatch officer to teachers to take academic recovery measures

Celic Mendoza
Morelia, Michoacán.- After the measure of extending the holiday period as a preventive measure against Coronavirus or Covid-19, the head of the office of the Ministry of Education in the State (SEE), Héctor Ayala Morales urged teachers to create strategies for not to register arrears in school programs and for students to have work at home.

He noted that online classes could be a measure, since “we do not go on holiday, but it is a preventive measure to avoid crowds and thereby prevent the spread of Coronavirus or Covid-19”.
In telephone interview, he reported that on Monday, despite being a day of education, the corresponding circular will be disseminated, since it will also be mandatory to install health filters in the entrance of school campuses and administrative offices.
Meanwhile, section XVIII of the CNTE, headed by Gamaliel Guzmán Cruz issued a statement stating that they will abide by the measure and work with students on the information of the virus and the prevention of it.
Although they reported that trade union activities will continue, albeit massively.

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