translated from Spanish: Mica Viciconte meets Michelangelo Paz, the man who hit the guard

After returning from his vacation in Mexico, Mica Viciconte is in pre-emptive quarantine for the coronavirus and it was that from his home, the panelist of Incorrectas spoke live with those who were on the floor. When asked about the man who did not comply with the quarantine, Miguel Angel Paz, the same one who violently beat a security guard who tried to prevent him from going out into the streets, as he had returned from the United States and should not keep in touch with anyone Mica said he knew him.

“Yes, Tati Paz. I worked with him. Many also came out to criticize me and assault me saying he was my coach. The reality is that I worked with him on a digital training platform where he was my coach for that job and I was the student, so to speak, and did her exercises,” she said. And he clarified, “But then I have no other relationship with him. Obviously, I didn’t have a bad work experience with him. When I saw that video, I automatically recognized it, and well, whatever action will be taken. I have no relationship with him, I’ve recorded that digital platform for years and I’m not a friend either.” As to whether Miguel Angel had ever shown violent attitudes, she admitted: “Look, I’m honest with you, no. I was in a gym with him, there was the camera, there were several people filming. He never had a misplaced attitude, really, if I don’t tell you. He didn’t have an attitude to be able to say ‘this guy is violent.’ Obviously you have to know exactly what happened that day, but I didn’t have a bad experience with it.” Now, the man in question is quarantined and GuaranteeS Judge Esteban Rossignoli set out to turn his apprehension into detention for the crimes of “injury and threats” against the guard of his building. In this note:

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