translated from Spanish: Jalisco adds 32 cases of COVID-19 and places new spillover

Guadalajara, Jalisco.- A total of 32 people have tested positive for coronavirus in Jalisco, four of them without symptoms, and a new focus of contagion has also been located, the Jalisco Ministry of Health (SSJ) reported today. Currently, 285 other people who are in home isolation and who are being monitored by experts from the health secretariat are registered as suspected in the coronavirus. “This process takes 24 to 36 more hours to confirm or rule out COVID-19 infection,” is read in the press release issued by the SSJ.

The State Epidemiological Surveillance System, belonging to the health sector in the state, has reported that of the 32 people who have tested positive for Coronavirus, 64 per cent are male and 36 per cent female. He also specified that although the majority of those affected are between 50 and 55 years of age, there are people who are ranked COVID-19s ranging in age from 15 to 80 years old. The municipalities in which the 32 people reside are Zapopan and Guadalajara, having practically the same amount of affected, and of these four have required hospitalization, some in private institutions.

Regarding the group of 400 people who traveled to Vail, Colorado, in the United States, the Jalisco Health Secretary has stated that 101 of the travelers have so far been contacted, 12 of whom have tested positive for COVID-19, one being an asymptomatic carrier. The remaining 89 already located are under observation. Meanwhile, they continue the search for the 299 tourists missing to apply the protocols corresponding to 100 percent of travelers who went to Vail.This data differs from what Milenio has published in its note entitled “In Jalisco, locate the 400 people who went to Vail,” in which the Governor of Jalisco, Enrique Alfaro, gave a telephone interview and allegedly declared “the agency helped us, we are in the process of contacting them and if it is necessary to analyze the evidence, they presented symptoms and they are gradually going advancing the work.”

This video is for your help and is of the utmost importance: About 400 people were on two charter flights to Vail, a ski area in Colorado, USA, several of them with #coronavirus. Today they are in Jalisco and pose a risk to others. — Enrique Alfaro (@EnriqueAlfaroR)
March 18, 2020

New pocket of contagion
Another massive event that has alerted the Secretary of Health of Jalisco is a business training, with a capacity of approximately 60 people and held from 5 to 7 March (they did not specify a place). A European participated as rapporteur, who gave caught COVID-19 after returning to his country. The SSJ has already managed to contact 57 of the 60 participants, four of whom have tested positive for COVID-19, three with symptoms and one asymptomatic. In addition, 18 have had symptoms of respiratory disease.

If you own a restaurant or work in one, attend to these recommendations and help us combat the spread of #coronavirus in Jalisco.Your participation is very important. Be responsible for the service you provide to your customers. ☕️ — Government of Jalisco (@GobiernoJalisco)
March 21, 2020

The SSJ said it will continue epidemiological research until all people suspected of contagion and invite the population to remain in home aleder. If you have any suspicious symptoms, ask them to contact 33 3823 3220.You help us by answering the following survey:

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