translated from Spanish: AMLO didn’t lower the price of gasoline, it’s not true, PRD accuses

Mexico City.- The PRD parliamentary group called on President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) to report truthfully that the reduction in gasoline prices is not by decision of its government, but because of the collapse of the price of the barrel of the oil, particularly the Mexican mix.» According to Andrés Manuel López Obrador, his government decided to reduce gasoline prices to the consumer because it is now costing less of its import because of the price war between oil countries,» he said in a statement.

However, the bank explained that gasoline prices fell because the basic input to produce them is oil, whose price plummeted in the international market. He added that since 2017, energy reform, particularly in a transitional article of the Hydrocarbons Act, provided for both petrol and diesel prices to be determined at market prices.» This amendment proposes that petrol import permits be released to any interested party,» he detailed. For example, he detailed that the average price paid by motorists in the United States (EU) is just over 12 pesos, while in Mexico the average is 19.50 pesos per liter.» Except for municipalities bordering the Mexican-U.S. border, which are governed by special fiscal stimulus, otherwise they would have been doomed to disappear, for lower costs and taxes with the northern neighbor,» he said. He emphasized that prior to the energy reform, until December 2016, the prices of gasoline and diesel were determined directly by the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit.He noted that the sale of gasoline was for many years a state monopoly, article 27 of the Constitution, so its price did not meet changes in the market but to the criteria and needs of the government in turn.» If in truth the government of López Obrador wants to benefit the population with an intervention of its own in the price of gasoline should, as we propose during the discussion of this year’s tax package, reduce the Special Tax on Production and Services», Concluded.

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