translated from Spanish: Chancellor Rivera announced agreement with Brazil to expedite return of Stranded Chileans in the wake of COVID-19

The number of Chileans stranded in other countries has become a headache for the government in the midst of the health crisis. That is why foreign minister Teodoro Rivera announced that an agreement was reached with the Brazilian government to expedite the return of Chileans from abroad. considering that much of the flights from Africa, Europe and the Middle East pass through Sao Paulo airport.
«We have agreed that Sao Paulo airport will be a transit airport for Chileans with a final destination for Chile,» Rivera said, according to Radio BioBio.  The chancellor also did not dismiss the possibility of Air Force aircraft being sent to bring back the stranded compatriots.
However, Rivera noted that only 10% of flights remain active» and that on the continent «there are many key connection points to reach Chile that remain closed».
The Secretary of State reported that between 18 and 21 March they have managed the return of 11,000 passengers on commercial aircraft, which would have meant a total of 55 FACH flights, making it impossible to manage state-capable returns.
Rivera took advantage of the instance to call for the collaboration of commercial airlines. «A country like Chile, which has flag airlines like Latam and Sky, has to make sure those lines help right now. That’s what has allowed us to bring people so quickly to Chile,» he said.
A large number of Chileans have been prevented from returning to the country. Such is the case of a group of compatriots in Cuba, who through a video expressed that the Chilean embassy has not given answers to the help requested by them.

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