translated from Spanish: Argentina recorded 101 new cases of coronavirus and in total 690

The Ministry of Health reported on Friday 101 new positive cases of coronavirus, so the total at the country level is 690, with 17 confirmed deaths. This Friday Mendoza recorded his first death and the victim was an 81-year-old man traveling through a risk zone. He had several previous conditions such as diabetes and obesity.  

The list of 101 on Friday is added to 16 cases that were not assigned to precise districts on Thursday and were now grouped together. In its daily report, the Ministry of Health reported that 56% of confirmed cases are imported, 24.2% by close contact, and the remaining percentage remains in epidemological research. Late on Friday, the Ministry of Health that the death toll reaches 17, after the number was initially 16. At 13 On Thursday he was joined by the victim in Mendoza, three more in Capital Federal and one that until now was not reported. The coronavirus fatality rate in the country is 2.1% and Ginés González García’s portfolio reportedly 12 out of 17 victims had previous diseases, mostly diabetes and obesity. On the other hand, the Health report ensures that community circulation was detected in the AMBA and Chaco region, while Santa Fe, Córdoba and Tierra del Fuego recorded local transmission chains.

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