translated from Spanish: Virgin Mary appears in the sky of Argentina; say it protects them from coronavirus

Argentina.- The Virgin Mary appeared in the sky of San Carlos, a city in the northeast of the Argentine province of Corrientes, according to locals, who trust that it will provide protection against the emergency by coronavirus that lives in the country. Catholic faithful who claim to have seen «the nebulous and bluish «figure» claim that he appeared around 5:00 p.m. last Wednesday.

The locals captured photos of the phenomenon and shared it via social media. Many people agreed that she was too resembled as the Virgin Mary, so they have been grateful for the supposed protection she is providing in the midst of this pandemic.
According to the description of the image on social networks, in the sky saw a rainbow and then a few drops began to create the figure of the Virgin.

Some residents compared this sighting to the patron saint of Corrientes, The Virgin of Itati.
According to Catholics, the reflection of the Lady of Itati appeared three times to the Franciscan settlers from under a rock in the paraná account. This mysterious sighting led believers to build a statue in their honor in 1589.La image of the mayn appearance of the Virgin Mary in the sky of San Carlos caused a commotion among the cybernauts. Many assaulted the biblical figure for protection, however, many others were skeptical about it. According to the Ministry of Health in Argentina, the country recorded yesterday 589 cases of Covid-19.You may also be interested:The deaths of COVID-19 in ArgentinaArgentina closed its borders until March 31 by COVID-19Argentina sings As the cigarra quarantined by coronavirus

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