translated from Spanish: Covid-19 triggered a “wave of anticipatory anxiety,” according to Latin American experts

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Mexico. – Given the uncertainty about the future, the frequency of anxiety symptoms in the population after the onset of the pandemic increased. Experts recommend seeing vaccines as “hope,” taking outdoor walks, meditation, and focusing on projects
Feeling anxiety occasionally has been a normal part of people’s lives. However, in the context of facing a year and a half of the coronavirus pandemic, the frequency of symptoms of anxiety in the population increased.
There is a wave of anticipatory anxiety, say experts in psychology and psychiatry in Latin America, for fear of catching the virus, losing loved ones or life, feeling great uncertainty about when pandemic life will end even though preventive care is necessary to reduce the risk of getting infected.
It also adds the daily uncertainty due to economic situations and the possibility of losing one’s job or the difficulty of getting it.
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The results of a study in Mexico were announced. The researchers set out to estimate cases of generalized anxiety, which is a picture of excessive concern, between April and June 2020. They did so through a series of monthly telephone surveys of 833 people. “The monthly prevalence of symptoms of generalized anxiety during the Covid-19 pandemic (…) remained at high levels between April and August 2020, with a prevalence of between 30.7 and 32.6%,” the researchers reported in the journal Salud Pública de México.
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