translated from Spanish: Overflow gives Matthei the reason about driving permit and claims that “without the patronage of the Executive, this law has problems”

The president of National Renewal (RN), Mario Desbordes, gave the reason to the mayor of Providence, Evelin Matthei, who criticized the law that establishes an extension in the payment of the permits, noting that it “got sick of bad.”
In that vein, the deputy noted, in an interview with CNN Chile, that the mayor “is right, without the patronage of the Executive and another amendment, this law has those problems.”
The helmsman RN explained that “this was raised from day one as a project that required sponsorship of the Executive so that the validity was total, that is, that these auto insurance could be contracted anyway, pay the 7, 8 or 10 thousand pesos worth one of them and remain in force until the circulation permit was renewed three months later.”
Out of the way, he further held that “it is one thing that you will not be taken a part of the Carabinieri and another thing is that the obligation to pay is not to remain the same on March 31 and therefore, if the mandatory payment date is not changed , will produce interest and fines from a financial point of view.”
In this sense, Desbordes hinted at the annoyance of Matthei and other mayors who also expressed their displeasure with the passage of this law, because “this income is extraordinarily important in the flows that municipalities have as they allow them to make a series of things that go to the aid of the public. For this, the Executive had also been asked for help, to supplement these resources, while the payments that were to be made in three more months arrived, but still the Executive has not agreed with that and, therefore, the law as it is has a number of problems.”
Finally, the parliamentarian warned that Compulsory Personal Accident Insurance (SOAP) will not be effective if the driving licence is not paid on time. “Those of us who may pay additional damage insurance to third parties, in the event of death, etc., for our vehicles, that remains in force; the one that will not be in force is the Mandatory Personal Accident Insurance which is for traffic accidents and has to do with injuries and deaths of people who participate in traffic accidents with that vehicle. It doesn’t cover damage or repairs, but it’s very important.”

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