translated from Spanish: They added coronavirus to the list of mandatory reporting diseases

The national government today incorporated coronavirus as a mandatory notification disease, so health professionals and area officials must report «from suspected case to follow-up to its evolution» every 12 hours. Through Resolution 680/2020, published on Tuesday in the Official Gazette, the Ministry of Health added COVID-19 to the legal regime established by Law 15.465.
In this way, physicians, laboratory professionals studying provincial and municipal health laboratories and samples must notify the national portfolio of all patients with coronavirus «at all stages, from suspected case to monitoring their evolution». The measure «will allow the authorities to have timely up-to-date information for decision-making and responsible exercise of obligations and powers» to the coronavirus pandemic.
«Despite the timely and firm measures that the National Government and the various provincial and City of Buenos Aires governments have been deployed since the first confirmed case in Argentina, according to official data from this Ministry, more than seven hundred COVID-19 cases have already been accounted for,» the published text warned.
He added: «The rapid contagion and dispersion shown by COVID-19 puts us in the face of an unprecedented potential health and social crisis, and it is necessary to take timely, transparent and evidence-based measures to design tools to mitigate its spread within Argentine territory and its potential impact on the health system.» In this note:

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