translated from Spanish: Luli’s friend revealed the model’s health and claimed to be «affected» by social media criticism

After it was reported that Nicole «Luli» Moreno is admitted to the psychiatry unit of the Iquique Regional Hospital, a stir has been generated by her condition. In conversation with AR13, he was a friend of the model, Jorge Matter, who spoke about his health today. «If she’s somewhere, it’s for her sake and family as friends we’ll support her in everything, we’ll never leave her alone,» she said. Matter said he sees her «fine» and that knowing that he «will recover very soon because of what he is going through. (…) Her family has always been around, especially her mother, father and son, who have been unconditional support for Nicole.» He also criticized social media users, particularly those who leave bad comments in the posts of the former queen of Viña del Mar. «The comments of people who criticize Nicole in a very bad way, affect her. She’s first and for nothing a woman, a mother and she’s got a family behind her. (… ) They’ve treated her worse, the least being that now with the revolution all women should lean on, it’s not just singing a simple song in group, many forgot feminism and treat women like anything especially Nicole» Remarked.

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