translated from Spanish: Soledad Torrecillas talks about the importance of cosmetics

Professional makeup artist Soledad Torrecillas

Despite the difficult times we are currently experiencing, keeping our minds busy will help us make these days of lockdown less in our homes, particularly for housewives and women who have a working life that are active, this is a good time to spend some time on our personal arrangement and learn some tips on makeup and care for our skin. Professional makeup expert Soledad Torrecillas shares us in a telephone interview some beauty tips to put them into practice. Makeup: her passion
Soledad Torrecillas says she started in the world of makeup and beauty as a teenager, because of the need for a group of friends who suffered a little because of her appearance. «I was always the friend who wanted to make them feel good, and one day I thought of doing them, my surprise was to see them smile in front of the mirror and see that they expressed a security with themselves, it was at that time that I liked it and I certainly gave satisfaction to be able to contribute to making a change to the woman,» she says.

The importance of makeup

By finishing each of his works and observing the smile of happiness in each of his clients, it is the greatest satisfaction for Soledad Torrecillas, who also shares the importance of always being makeup. «I’ve always believed that a woman’s makeup highlights her natural beauty and the job of the makeup artist is to make her attributes stand out so that she looks the most. I think it doesn’t matter what profession or occupation a woman has, as long as she has that taste for wearing makeup. The girls who attend to take self-makeup courses with me some are housewives, doctors, engineers and graduates, and they all agree on the same thing when questioning why they attend, because they simply like to feel beautiful and confident to look good at the time of attending any social event,» Soledad said. 

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